Why PokerBros is Dominating the Market

PokerBros is growing exponentially. Here is all the reasons PokerBros became an instant success and why you should join the bandwagon.

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PokerBros introduction

PokerBros is a poker app in the format of Chinese Poker rooms. If you know PPP Poker or other club-based applications and like it, I'm sure you will like PokerBros even better. Both apps are very similar, both very function and intuitive which allows us to find everything we need quite easily. At this point (April 2020), traffic in this room is still growing, but just like every other business and just like PPPoker, it takes time to get started, advertise and convince users, most of them from Asia.

Understanding PokerBros

In case you never played in a Chinese Poker Room, or if you are not very familiar with their apps, we strongly recommend our article on ”Everything about Chinese Poker Apps”. There we provide a detailed introduction to these rooms and step-by-step instructions on how to join them and what to expect.

To sum it up, PokerBros offers you games to be played using virtual coins. These coins are exclusive to each Club and must be purchased within the Clubs. The Club owners attribute value to those coins, and that’s how to play for real money in a play money app. 

The game itself runs on tablets, mobile phones, or Android/iOS emulators. PokerBros is the latest developed poker app, so it has a brand new look, great graphics, and the most recent updates and custom settings. Their customer support is also very responsible and attentive. 

Chinese apps offering a new concept in home games

When PokerStars launched their Home Games idea, little did they know that would change the poker world forever. The concept of online home games have been copied (and much improved) by Chinese Poker Room, especially PPP Poker, reaching new dimensions to the world of online gambling. PPP Poker became a huge success, and while there are many factors to this equation, the most important ones are shared with PokerBros, like:

  • Fully functional HUD
  • Agents all over the world to promote de app
  • Any player can create their own Club
  • Players can use the app on their smartphones, tablet and/or PC (via emulators)

Inside PokerBros

PokerBros was created by Beyond Games Limited in the models of other mobile poker applications. The developers, however, paid especially attention to the visuals and customization of the app, everything looks great, modern and beautiful. They may hold the best graphical interface in among all poker apps and softwares. 

On the security side, you can rest assured of their integrity, as they hold Gaming Labs Certificate of Intergrity for it’s RNG (Random Number Generator) . That means their app has been tested by an external agencies and found safe. You can see the certificate displayed below.

RNG Integrity Certificate PokerBros

As of today, April 2020, PokerBros application averages a rating of 4.0 on Google Play.

Once you join a club, you will see a list containing information on stakes, players… basically everything you want to know before joining the table.

You can also customize the app by setting different “Themes” on the top right corner, near your avatar. The themes offer different table customization, cards, buttons and more. It’s all pretty unique. 

The app offers some automatic player tagging options (like maniac) but for your own custom note there are different set of colours and tags to better labelling your opponents. 

PokerBros Customization screen

PokerBros traffic and clubs

There are many offers on different clubs, but we recommend three specific clubs to our players, in three different unions. In our experience, those clubs offer best value for your time and the best offer of games and field:

  • 23083 - Blazing Bros Club ID / Panamericana Union
  • 21845 - HonestBros / Diamond Union
  • 23526 - HonestBros 2.0 / Super Smash Bros Union

There are many offers on different clubs, but we recommend three specific clubs to our players, in three different unions. In our experience, those clubs offer best value for your time, high rakeback, very soft games and field of weak players:

PokerBros is not limited to NLH, they also have tables for PLO, OFC and even ShortDeck. However, PLO and NLH are always the most played and you will find action on every stakes, from PLO/NLH 10$ up to 1000$.

PokerBros Traffic

PokerBros rake, rakeback and jackpot

PokerBros Jackpot

PokerBros offer the opportunity for Clubs to participate in their Bad Beat Jackpot. An interesting format to reward players when they lose with strong hands that shouldn't be losing.  The prize pool is huge and can be seen on top the screen. Of course there are some requirements for the hand to be considered to the prize, the player must play on a tablet with 4 or more players, be on a 10bb pot of higher and lose with one of the following hands:

  • Full house with aces or better - for NLH
  • Quad of J or better - for PLO4
  • Straight flush or better - for PLO5

It's worth mentioning that .the jackpot goes to players participating on the hand and the share varies from 15 to 85%.

PokerBros Rake

 Club owners are allowed to set the rake for their own clubs and games, so you must always check with the Club. However, as a general rule of thumb, PokerBros rakes 5% with a 3 bb cap, this cap is reduced to 2bb for NL200 or higher, utilizing the Weighted Contributed method and a no flop-no drop policy. Also worth mentioning that OFC has a lower rake, 2% only.

Pokerbros rakeback deal

At DonkHunter we offer top rakeback deals, tailor-made for each player, taking into account your own preferences and gaming choice. For more details, please contact us.

PokerBros deposit and withdrawal methods

PokerBros is a play money app, it facilitates the creation of Home Games. Their chips hold no monetary values, but they allow Clubs to hold their own Chips that are unique to that club. For that reason, Clubs choose to attach monetary values to those Chips outside the app. So in order to deposits and cashouts, you must contact a Club Agent, everything is done outside the App spectrum. Donkhunter support team provides to their players agents to some of the top Clubs and Unions in PokerBros. Rest assured that we give our players several different options for withdrawing and depositing money.
These include Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, BitCoin. Also worth noting that all payments are handled within 24 hours of the request.
One more thing, by creating an account on PokerBros through DonkHunter, you guarantee yourself additional rakeback paid to your account every month.