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  • HU Games

  • Very good traffic

  • Low rake at the tables

  • Converter required for HUD

  • Collusion sometimes occur

  • I couldn't find a way to set the window to my liking, all the software offers is the option to resize to certain fixed values which are all kind-of the same. I also can't change the table to the horizontal, so it always looks like a mobile app.


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PPPoker App Review

PPPoker is a mobile online poker app that is rapidly growing both on the Chinese market and also worldwide. It is very similar to other poker rooms such as Upoker and PokerBros, that give players living in areas that are considered "grey" markets access to real money poker games. This is done through the use of a play money app and chips sold by the clubs (you can find more information on Chinese poker apps in our article). Officially, PPPoker is just a social gaming platform and this way circumvents many local gambling restrictions. To play for real money at PPPoker you need an agent with access to a club. Thanks to our years of experience in the market, by using our services here at DonkHunter.com, we will provide you with access to all top clubs (Asian, NA, SA many more), just like we do for PokerMaster.

PPPoker app is available for both mobile devices (including Android, iOS) and also desktop / PC (so far, it is only available for Windows, not MAC). Some of its main features are the superb traffic, great both in quality (lots of weak players) and quantity (thousands of players online around the clock, clubs around the world) and the presence of the anti cheating team, which is available 24/7 and constantly monitoring the games.

In summary, at PPPoker players will find a mobile poker app with a wide selection of games, a soft field for competition, rooms monitored by an anti cheating team and active tables at any time on clubs worldwide. Our PPPoker review will tell you all you need to know to play online poker for real money using the PPPoker app. Don't know how the Chinese poker rooms / clubs work? We detail it to you in this article, check it out!

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Deposit bonus and rakeback PPPoker:

  • Contact us directly to determine the terms of the offer.

Traffic PPPoker

As already mentioned in our review, competition at PPPoker tends to be soft, really really soft, with most players being recreational, nothing compared to what is found in most famous online poker networks, perhaps more comparable to casual offline players. This along with the easy accessibility that clubs provide to money games are some of the greatest appeals of the app. At PPPoker players can find active online poker tables around the clock, each with thousands of online players, including countries such as Brazil, Russia, Asian and American countries. Since clubs are distributed throughout the world, you are sure to find action 24/7. If a particular club doesn't have much traffic at the moment, it's easier to find and play in another one - you can join as many poker clubs as you want and some of them form Unions that pool player traffic.

The available games include Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha Shortdeck (6+), OFC (Open Face Chinese aka Pineapple), multi table tournaments and Sit & Go.

  • Online players: several thousand
  • Game types and stakes:

NLH PPPoker (6-max, shorthanded):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

NLH PPPoker (heads-up):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

PLO PPPoker (6-max, shorthanded):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

PLO PPPoker (heads-up):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

  • Other cash games: ShortDeck (6+), OFC (Pineapple)
  • MTT dla micro/mid/high 
  • Since mid 2020 PPPoker offers Spins starting from 1$


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How to join a Club

After installing the PPPoker app, the player must send a request by submitting the ID for the desired PPPoker club and wait for the acceptance. After being accepted by the club, the player can now request a deposit with the agent: the agent will receive your deposit, then credit the agreed amount of chips to the players account: now you can play real money online poker with the PPPoker app. Mind that each club has a different exchange rate for the chips.

Best PPPoker clubs

BrazilOpen - Is a Brazilian club, running with BRL currency that roughly has 1000 games running round the clock. This PPPoker club offers heads-up cash games up to NL600BRL as well as 6max cash both PLO and NLHE.

Achievers Club - with over 200 tables and USD currency. It offers cash games up to NL1000 USD, though no heads-up.

Software, support and payment methods PPPoker

The PPPoker software is made for playing online poker with a mobile phone (although it is also possible to play on PC / desktop). The app has a intuitive display, that is very easy to navigate and understand. It can be described as smooth and straightforward. The app can be turned into portrait mode and works fine on it, which is a must for any mobile poker app. Best of all, it is frequently updated taking players feedback into consideration. PPPoker app is available for PC, Android and iOS. Multi Table is only possible for the PC version, up to three tables.

To deposit and withdrawal money at PPPoker, players must go through an agent, as explained below, and buy chips that are used for games in the respective club.

PPPoker deposit and withdrawal

Officially, PPPoker and similar poker rooms are considered a "social gaming platform", not an operator that offers real money services. All monetary values are backed by the club itself, so in order deposit and withdrawal with PPPoker, players need to go through an agent. There have been a few cases where the agent took money and then disappeared. It is therefore imperative to first find a trustworthy agent with access to the desired club, so your money is handled properly. Just hit us up in one of our available communication channels here at DonkHunter.com and our services will help you that - we know trustworthy agents and clubs.

First of all, it is necessary to join a Club (more details on how to do so can be found below). Then you must talk to the agent to buy chips for that club. Usually the agent accepts money in the local currency in which their club operates, bitcoin and a few other possibilities.

To withdrawal, once again the player must go to the agent, request the desired value and receive the money using one of the available methods (bitcoin, e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, etc). Cashouts are processed quickly, usually within two days.

This system makes it possible to use the PPPoker gaming platform to play real money online poker games.

Software language: Chinese, English

Rake: usually 5%, 3bb CAP

Currency: dependent on the club

HUD: yes, with a converter


Payment methods: possible via BTC, Skrill and Neteller, as well as others. Ask us for additional information.

Withdrawal speed: 

The appeal of mobile apps in online poker

Since late 2017, sites such as PPPoker have been modernizing the landscape of online poker. The main appeal is that it gives players living in countries with strict regulations access to real money poker games. This is done using the club system: since PPPoker is considered simply a social gaming platform and does not handle real money itself, only the clubs can process payment and withdrawals by negotiating with their chips. These transactions are done between players and agents in a peer-to-peer, decentralized way, which has many advantages. And perhaps the main appeal of the app is that it is designed for playing in mobile devices, a gaming tool that is becoming more popular than ever for its practicality: your phone is with you most of the time, it's quick and easy for online poker players to take the phone and play a few hands throughout the day, while commuting, during work breaks and so on.

Registration and installation PPPoker

To register to PPPoker with us, please contact us using one of the available communication channels.


These are some frequently asked questions about PPPoker and their answers.

Is PPPoker legit?

As long as you find a legit club and agent with access to it. There are a lot of stories about dishonest clubs at PPPoker, but through our services we can guarantee that players will be treated honestly and have a good time.

Is PPPoker Legal?

PPPoker circumvents legal issues by not providing money services to the players: all deposits and withdrawals are handled by the clubs and agents.

How can you deposit / withdrawal at PPPPoker?

You must check with the club and agent. Each club sets its own exchange rates. Deposit and payment methods include bitcoin and e-wallets.

Is PPPoker profitable?

One a few Chinese apps that still should be one of your best shots at Chinese market. Though you have to be careful and make sure that you are working with reliable agent that helps you avoid clubs with collusion in it.

What is the best time to play at PPPoker?

Absolutely every time, since there are clubs around the world. So it mostly depends on the club you play and the time zone of the country it is based on.

Is PPPoker app available for iOS?

Yes, PPPoker app is available for iOS as well as Android.

Is PPPoker app available for desktop / PC?

Yes! You can also play PPPoker on desktop / PC. So far, it is only available for Windows, not MAC. What you can do in this case is download and play in an android emulator.

What is the rakeback at PPPoker?

Once again this depends on the particular poker club, but it's usually a flat percentage without convoluted systems (that many other poker rooms have). Contact us to know the best rakeback offers available.

How do you join a PPPoker Club?

After installing the app, send a request (you must know the ID of the club you are interested) and wait for acceptance.

What is the rake at PPPoker?

Each club sets its own rake, but usually 5%, 3bb CAP


Pros (4)

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HU Games

2019-12-06 12:46:08


Very good traffic

2019-12-06 12:46:08


Low rake at the tables

2019-12-06 12:46:08


There are a lot of fish here, games are so much easier than pokerstars that I've been playing higher stakes here than I usually do on other sites.

2019-09-20 09:04:04

Cons (3)

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Converter required for HUD

2019-12-06 12:46:08


Collusion sometimes occur

2019-12-06 12:46:08


I couldn't find a way to set the window to my liking, all the software offers is the option to resize to certain fixed values which are all kind-of the same. I also can't change the table to the horizontal, so it always looks like a mobile app.

2019-09-23 19:57:58

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