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Deposit bonus
  • can 4 tables from one account

  • many recreational players

  • HU games (NLH)

  • sometimes collusion happen

  • low traffic

  • Recently, they changed graphic of the app and I saw the app runs a bit slower on my tablet. Also graphic seems to be more annoying. They should take an example from Pokerbros or PPPoker and make their app more user-friendly.

Context Index Upoker

Upoker Review

 Upoker is a mobile poker app and one of the most recently trending Chinese poker apps. It was launched in 2019 and it is developing very fast, gaining popularity not only in the Asian market but also worldwide. More clubs join our offer all the time, bringing together a lot of recreational players. Everything works on very similar terms as PPPoker, so if you know it or any other similar online poker app, the Upoker app will also be very familiar to you. The concept is the same: a very functional interface and games in private online poker clubs that aim to create a new dynamic between players and poker rooms. Although Upoker is on the surface only a play money app (that offers no real money services) that focuses on home games, in reality, the chips at the many Upoker clubs are negotiated in real money. This way a play money app can be used by poker players for real money games, especially those who live in countries such as the United States and others with restrictive regulations. Our Upoker review will cover the poker app, how the clubs and agents system works, and also some of the best Upoker clubs to play.

Some of the games you can play at Upoker include: Hold'Em, PLO, Short Deck and OFC (Open Face Chinese). Upoker app is available for Android, iOS and PC (Windows or via special emulators - multi-tabling possible). Don't know how the Chinese poker rooms work? Fear not, we got you covered in this article. So let's get started with our Upoker review!

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How Upoker App works

Upoker is a poker app that provides a cutting-edge platform for online poker games. Upoker itself does not deal with real money, only play money. However, as with similar poker rooms such as PokerBros and PPPoker, you can ask to enter one of the Upoker Clubs. There, private games are held and poker chips are negotiated in real money with agents: to deposit, pay the agent and he will add the agreed amount of poker chips to your account. To withdraw, once again talk to the agent that will pay you the agreed value and subtract the corresponding amount of poker chips from your account. Each online poker club at Upoker has its own chips and exchange rate for them. Therefore, to safely play at Upoker and other similar mobile poker apps, you will first need to find a trustworthy agent and a suitable club, which you can do using our services here at DonkHunter.com, just hit us up in one of the available communication channels. Our Upoker Review will cover some of the best poker clubs.

Deposit bonus and rakeback Upoker

Rakeback deals and promotions at Upoker depend on the clubs and agents.

Upoker rakeback deals

Each club has its own Rakeback deals and offers for its poker players. The main difference from other poker sites is that instead of convoluted offers that have become sort of a staple in the poker industry, at Upoker clubs it's more common to offer a flat Rakeback percentage. Talk to us and we will help you.

  • Contact us directly to determine the terms of the offer.

Traffic Upoker

Most of the traffic at Upoker, just like PPPoker and other similar poker sites, comes from casual players. It reminds you of home games, with a lot of careless plays and bluffs. You can find 24/7 active tables to play at, from low to high stakes, because there are clubs and tables all over the world, there is nothing stopping players from joining various clubs.

  • Players online: 300
  • Game types and stakes:

NLH Upoker (6-max, shorthanded):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

NLH Upoker (heads-up):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

PLO Upoker (6-max, shorthanded):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

PLO Upoker (heads-up):


  • LOW

  • MID

  • HIGH

  • Other cash games: N / A


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Software, support, and payment methods Upoker

The Upoker app provides an intuitive interface for online poker games, it is very easy to find tables and everything else you are looking for. If you are familiar with PPPoker and other similar poker rooms, it will all be very familiar to you. Payment methods depend on the clubs and agents. Deposit and withdrawal are handled with the club agents, not with Upoker. You will find more detailed information on how to enter a Upoker club and deposit with agents in the section below.

Upoker Software

The Upoker app offers what is best in mobile poker - it was designed to do so from the very start. For PC, there is the Windows version available. To play at Upoker from MAC, however, you will need to download an Android app, but this is very simple to do. After you download and install the app Upoker, you will then find a smooth mobile poker client, perfect for both playing a few quick hands, while on the bus or at a work break, as well as for long grinding sessions. You can easily play single-handed, it works in both layout, portrait mode and the lobby makes it very easy to find whatever you look for, filtering by game types, stakes, tournaments and so on. Overall, our app review of Upoker is very positive.

Upoker Deposit and withdrawal methods

First of all, you will need a trustworthy agent with access to the desired club (more on how to join a club below) to receive your deposit and credit the chips to your account. We got you covered for this! Just get in touch and through our services will help you get the perfect offer and agent for you. You and the agent agree on the deposit method: some of the most commonly accepted include bitcoin, USD and local currencies; e-wallets or bank transfers. After receiving your deposit, the agent will credit to your account in the club the corresponding amount of poker chips. Remember to check in advance the exchange rate for the chips, each one of the Upoker clubs has its own. To withdrawal money, the agent will subtract the poker chips from your account and deposit or transfer your money to you, once again with one of the available payment methods.

How to Download and Install the App Upoker

To get started, simply download the app Upoker from Google Play (for Android users) or App store (if you are a iOS user). There is also a Windows version ready for download. If you are a MAC user, you can use an Android emulator for your PC. Since it is officially a "play money" app that offers a social game experience, it is very easy to find and download. After downloading and installing it just like any other regular app, you can now join a Upoker Club.

How to join a Upoker Club

After you have already installed the Upoker app on your phone and or PC (Android emulator), joining a Upoker club is very simple: click the magnifying glass on the right corner and a pop-up window will ask you for the desired Club ID: enter the details (you can ask your manager) and wait for the club owners to accept you. Now you can already see the tables, tournaments and join games in the poker room.

Software language: Chinese, English

Rake: usually 3-5%, 3bb CAP

Currency: dependent on the club

HUD: yes, with converter


Payment methods: possible via BTC, Skrill and Neteller, as well as others. Ask us for additional information.

Withdrawal speed: 

What are the advantages of Upoker?

  1. Recreational players. A lot. Games at Upoker are really soft, you will see many risky plays at the tables. It is easy to make money here.
  2. 24/7 active tables to play at. Since there are poker clubs throughout the world and there is nothing stopping you from playing at multiple clubs, games are available around the clock.
  3. Players from the United States, Asian countries, and other places with restrictive regulations are present. Since apps like Upoker are considered only play money, it circumvents legal restrictions.

Registration and installation Upoker

To register to Upoker with us, select one of our contact methods.

Upoker FAQ

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Upoker.

Is Upoker Legit?

There is evidence of collusion and scams at Upoker. This however depends on the agents and clubs you play. However our players can rest assured that they are protected, we deal only with legit clubs and agents. Contact us for more information.

Is Upoker available for players in the United States?

Yes! This is one of the best things about Upoker: it is available to all of the United States and all over the world.

What is the rake at Upoker?

Each club sets its own rake, but usually 3-5%, 3bb CAP.

What is the rakeback at Upoker?

Each Upoker club has its own rakeback offer, so please contact us for more information.

How can I contact Upoker Customer Support?

Upoker players can contact the customer support via the poker software (player care section inside the app) or e-mail at care@Upoker.netcare.

How can I join a Upoker Club?

After you download and install the app, click the magnifying glass on the right and then insert the desired clubs ID and you can start playing as soon as your request is accepted by the club owners.

Is Upoker available for PC (Windows, MAC)?

Yes, the software has a Windows version for PC. You can also play on MAC via Android emulator.



Pros (4)

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can 4 tables from one account

2019-12-06 12:46:10


many recreational players

2019-12-06 12:46:10


HU games (NLH)

2019-12-06 12:46:10


I had a great time grinding at multiple tables at the same time against a bunch of unskilled players, it's not always that you find traffic but during rush hours it's possible to profit a lot real quick.

2021-07-05 20:23:04

Cons (3)

Your comment

sometimes collusion happen

2019-12-06 12:46:10


low traffic

2019-12-06 12:46:10


Recently, they changed graphic of the app and I saw the app runs a bit slower on my tablet. Also graphic seems to be more annoying. They should take an example from Pokerbros or PPPoker and make their app more user-friendly.

2021-07-28 21:37:18

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